Online Shopping

Parcels and Packets from Online Shopping can be sent to your Prime Street Address. Whether its the occasional item or you are running an eBay business, you need never miss a delivery again with our dedicated parcel receiving service.

Many of our clients who have moved encounter issues when ordering goods online and find that many websites will not ship to them outside of the UK. With our service, you can order items to be sent to your Prime London Address for us to ship to you. Our receptionists will sign-for items on your behalf and we will alert you when something has arrived.

View all of your incoming items on your online secure account.   You are incomplete control with our range of forwarding, scanning or collection options.

Finally, I can buy stuff from the UK

For years I had been struggling to get products from the UK delivered to me here in the states.   So many stores wouldn’t ship internationally to me.    I started using the service from Prime in 2016 and I have everything ordered sent to them.     Once a month they pack everything up and send it to my apartment in Chicago.    Receiving a tracking number by email is amazing so I know when it is coming.

Gita Patel, Chicago – USA

London Addresses

A London Street Address for personal or business use wherever you are in the world. We offer a 100% flexible mail management service from viewing it online, having it forwarded anywhere worldwide or even coming to collect it.

Online Mail Management

With an Online Account, view and control all of your physical mail securely on our platform.  Images of mail items and parcels are uploaded as soon as we receive them.  We can even open and upload the contents too.

Mail Forwarding and Parcel Shipping

Mail and Parcel Forwarding

Our flexible Mail Forwarding Service enables you to have your mail and parcels forwarded automatically with our Auto-Forward service.   Set up a regular forward schedule or have items forwarded only when you need them.

Shop, Ship or Collect

Shop online in the UK and have your items sent to your London Prime Street Address.   We’ll alert you when the items have arrived and ship them on to you.  This is ideal when buying from UK retailers who do not ship internationally.

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