Director’s Service Address

If you are a Director of a UK Limited Company, the Director’s Service Address is public information and is available on the Companies House website for the public to see.

A Director’s Service Address can be anywhere in the world whereas the Registered Office for the Limited Company must be in the UK.

For your own security and privacy, you may wish to use our Director’s Service Address in the United Kingdom to keep your home address private and secure.

Our Director’s Service Address in London is included with all of our addresses and plans, however, if this is the only service you want, then you can sign-up for it at a reduced cost to receive mail only statutory mail from Companies House which is addressed only to the Director.

What happens to my items at my Director’s Service Address in the UK when you receive them?

Every item received is logged on your Secure Online Account.  The choice is yours as to how your mail items are processed    Simply set a ‘Default Action’ so that the same action applies to all of your items or  instruct us on an item-by-item basis.    You can change your instructions as often as you wish  enabling total flexibility to suit changing needs.   Examples of our available flexi-options are:

  • OPEN and SCAN contents and upload to your Secure Account
  • FORWARD items anywhere in the world either automatically, daily, weekly, monthly or when requested by you.
  • HOLD items for you to collect personally
  • SHRED confidential mail and Recycle non-sensitive mail
London Street Address Action

Features of our Director's Service Address in London

Safeguard and Protect home address from the public record at Companies House in the UK. The security of your home address is paramount when your information is in the public domain. 

If you don’t need use our address for your business, then you can choose our dedicated Director’s Service Address in North London  just £35.00 + VAT per year  to protect you

Mail for the Director from Companies House and HMRC will be accepted.  If you need to receive other mail or any business mail, then we offer a regular London Prime Street Address.

Our address and service is discreet and secure with your privacy protected at all times.  View your securely mail on our encrypted online platform for added security wherever you are in the world.

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